Easter is about love, sacrifice, and grace. In the spirit of Easter, the InnerCity Mission (ICM), under the auspices of Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), organized an Easter Free Market. Jesus paid it all so that the indigent can buy without money. This Easter is all about spreading the Love of Jesus Christ. Through this specialized Easter outreach to needy children, volunteers, sponsors, and partners are saying “come and buy for free because Jesus has paid it all”. With this, we are spreading the good news that poverty has been buried, and the Lord Jesus Christ, the light of life is risen forevermore!


The Humanitarian Volunteer Network (HVN) organized an Easter free market on Saturday for the Internally Displaced People (IDPs) currently residing at Holy Trinity Cathedral Maiduguri Borno State. This event was geared at providing the community members free clothing for adults and children of all ages, shoes, household items, personal hygiene items, food packs, and lots of other amazing things, all for the celebration of Easter the resurrection of our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ and the glorious life he has given us.


The Humanitarian Volunteer Network is readily available to aid the indigent children and their families, and as well bring the word of God to them and helping them receive salvation, bearing in mind that there is no love without giving, for God first loved us that he gave his son Jesus to save the whole world, that is why the Humanitarian Volunteer Network is providing love and care to the displaced community members at the Holy Trinity Cathedral as a way of celebrating Easter through the Easter free market because truly Jesus paid it all. The message of salvation was also received with over 160 children and adults giving their hearts to Christ.


Easter Free Market at Holy Trinity Cathedral Maiduguri Borno State.



Ongoing Gospel Outreach


The Gospel Outreach to the inner cities program (GO2INC) continues this month with the InnerCity Mission powering the inner-cites and underserved communities with God’s Word, taking the gift of Salvation to the indigent population there. Together, we are not just providing them with the lasting solution to the issue of poverty, we are preparing them for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The specialized global outreach is the contribution of the InnerCity Mission and Partners to reach and win 5 Billion souls this year by taking the gospel to the inner-cites, slums, villages, and other places where the indigent and marginalized can be found. Gospel Outreach to the inner-cities takes the priceless gift of salvation to the indigent, vulnerable and downtrodden in the inner-cities and underserved communities around the world to contribute to the 5 Billion Mandate.


Christ Embassy Malawi South Group reached out to 82 Children providing them with much-needed food. They shared the Gospel and gave them some ministry materials, they also donated food items. More outreaches are taking place within the group as every Church is adopting an orphanage to the Glory of God!


Christ Embassy Malawi South Group provided children with food



Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 2, hosts #GO2Inc evangelical Outreach in the inner-cities of Gbudu Community. They led many children to Christ and also sponsored 4,000 of them back to school. We would like to thank our partners for organizing this timely divine intervention that brought Salvation and lasting change to indigent children and families.



Christ Embassy Port Harcourt Zone 2 sponsored 4000 children back to school



Christ Embassy Waterfalls organized a successful Gospel Outreach bringing Joy and Hope to children in Chiedza child care center with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. They ministered to 75 pupils and 4 staff members leading 50 pupils to Christ and also birthed 5 Teevo clubs. Everyone received a copy of the Rhapsody of Realities and donation of food parcels, thanks to our dedicated partners and sponsors.


You can be a part of this love story by sponsoring and organizing the Easter Free Market in your local community and also help to reach 5 billion souls.  Make a donation at icm.ngo/donations or register your outreach  at icm.ngo/gotoinc


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