The Send Portions campaign on the “Give a Meal” app will ensure that 1 million children have a memorable Christmas this season. Christmas is a time to give, show love, and express kindness. There is no better way to celebrate this Christmas season, the season of giving, than by putting a smile on the faces of needy children. The annual Send Portions campaign initiated originally by founding father, Chris Oyakhilome, is a special outreach to celebrate children in the inner cities who may not have the opportunity of experiencing the true meaning of Christmas.


Send Portions Campaign with Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International


Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International


If indigent children are to achieve success and independence, it is the belief of the InnerCity Mission for Children that they must be active participants in changing their own circumstances. To facilitate the Mission provides them with the tools, resources, and faith that they will need to secure their future. The organization is proud to operate under the auspices of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) to help these children live prosperous, fulfilling lives in the service of the Lord. Through this rewarding partnership, both organizations aspire to give the life of every indigent child meaning, give them hope, and provide for them a prosperous future.


Hunger is a Common Enemy


During the Humanitarian Action Conference 2020 (HAC), which was held this year in October to coincide with the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, as recognized by the United Nations, the InnerCity Mission was responsible for organizing all stakeholders and critical players in the humanitarian and development sectors to convene and discuss actionable strategies to address the issue of poverty in a sustainable manner. Hunger is a common enemy, but it is also one of the world’s most solvable problem. It is strongly interconnected to poverty and involves an array of political, demographic, and societal factors.


InnerCity Mission


The InnerCity Mission, which falls under The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), was started in December 2004 after the Founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the President of LoveWorld Inc, made a profound statement: “Every Child is your Child”. He elaborated by saying: “They are our extension, they are our future. No matter how dirty or untouchable they are, think again, one day you were just that small, but you were fortunate to have someone help you, many of these are fortunate to have us if we would only open our hearts, our minds, our eyes and ignore them no more. We need to help give them a home, we need to help give them an education, we need to help cloth them. As small as they are, as needy as they are, as frustrated as they are, they have dreams, we can help make those dreams come true.” Chris Oyakhilome is a passionate advocate against poverty and hunger, saying: “The fight against poverty isn’t about charity, it is about lending your voice to the plight of the indigent in our world. A world free of poverty, where every child has equal opportunities to thrive and fulfill their God-given potentials.”


The Innercity Mission for children went on to be registered in Nigeria in the year 2005 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Abuja, RC No CAC/IT/NO 41931. It is a faith-based, Non-Governmental Organization in consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. One of the core missions of the InnerCity Mission is believing in the future of indigent children and taking action to reach and meet their needs. The vital work of the InnerCity Mission is only made possible by the dedicated volunteers who selflessly give of their time, talents, and skills to put smiles on the faces of the children and their families in desperate need. This latest initiative to ensure that Christmas this year is memorable and does not go unnoticed is “Send Portions”. It’s that time of the year again, where we share gifts and more with family and loved ones. As you write down and prepare your gift list, add some Christmas portions to it for children for whom nothing is prepared for this season.


Acts of Giving and Kindness


At the InnerCity Mission School, the pupils were encouraged to share gifts and more, with each other during their Christmas Lovefeast and they really enjoyed it and had fun.


Preparing a wholesome meal for indigent children


The Humanitarian Volunteer Network (HVN) in Gaborone Chapter in Botswana organized a Christmas party for children in Tsholofelong Children’s Center reaching 54 children. Every child had a meal and participated in fun activities like face painting, games, and dance. They also received Christmas gifts. Indeed every child deserves to enjoy Christmas and you can make this happen with $5 or more.



Humanitarian Volunteer Network Christmas party for underprivileged children


A Christmas portion costs $5 and a gift of $25 will put smiles on the faces of 5 children in need this Christmas. Giving for the #Sendportions campaign is even easier and faster on the “Give a Meal” app. You can download the ‘Give a Meal’ app on the Google Play Store and Apple app stores to sponsor Christmas portions for children who have don’t have anything to look forward to this Christmas. Visit to give.




A big thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign and made donations so far, to ensure that 1 million children have a memorable Christmas this season.