Bible For All Mission

The Bible for All Mission is a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to the development, production and global distribution of the Bible. The Mission holds a strong conviction that the solution to all of man’s problems is revealed in God’s Word.


The Bible for All Mission believes that the Bible, the greatest book of all time, should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. The Mission’s vision is that everyone has at least one copy for their personal study of the Word of God.


In order to make the Bible available to all people, the Mission works to produce the Bible in several languages and formats. The Bible for All Mission translation initiative aims to translate the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Study Bible into every spoken language in the world. It is essential for the person reading the Bible to understand it, so that they can discover God’s Word and experience his life-changing message.


Through the initiatives sponsored by the Bible for All Mission, a robust global network of Bible Sponsors and Volunteers has successfully distributed thousands of free copies of the Rhapsody of Realities Devotional Study Bible to communities, hospitals, prisons, private and governmental institutions to several countries around the world including: Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, Brazil, Egypt, Poland, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Turkey, among others. The Mission’s Bible Network continually plans and executes Bible outreach campaigns globally and within their own local communities to further the glorious, loving messages of the Lord.


Bibles distributed by the Bible for All Mission have helped victims of natural and man-made disaster find hope and solace in the Lord’s divine mercy. The Mission’s Bible Network has provided those in desolate circumstances with true and lasting comfort and given them strength through the message of salvation in God’s Word.


In addition to producing and distributing Bibles, the Bible for All Mission facilitates and operates Bible study groups aimed at sharing the inspirational message of God with youth groups. The purpose of these study groups is to increase the understanding of God’s Word among students in all schools through the setup and running of Bible clubs.


The Bible for All Mission sponsors a Bible a Month initiative that encourages its donors to invest in making available one Bible each month to people around the world who do not have access to God’s Word, helping to make a difference one soul at a time through the power of the Lord.


The work of the Bible for All Mission is highly spiritual and can only be done through the will of God’s spirit. We trust in the power of prayer and believe that with your prayers, we can make tremendous progress in our global impact endeavors. The activities of Bible for All Missions are seeding nations with God’s Word through the distribution of the holy gospel.


The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International is proud to support the vision of the Bible for All Mission to make the powerful Word of the Lord accessible to every person. It is our hope that through this fruitful partnership, Bible for All Mission will be able to successfully carry out its efforts in the service of God.


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