InnerCity Mission for Children


The InnerCity Mission for Children is a Christian non-governmental organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through sponsoring initiatives benefiting children living in poverty in inner cities. The organization has been awarded Consultative Status to the United Nations, the highest status granted to non-governmental organizations, allowing the mission to be an active partaker in initiatives operated by the United Nations.


Approximately half of the world’s population lives in cities, and many large cities in developing nations are not equipped to provide the necessary services to all of their residents. Many poor city dwellers live in slum conditions without access to necessary services such as healthcare and education.

The InnerCity Mission for Children envisions a “world in which orphaned, deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in the inner cities live free of poverty and fulfill their God-given potential, thus becoming responsible and self-reliant adults, profitable to the society.”


The InnerCity Mission for Children initiatives benefit children living in poverty in the inner cities by delivering sustainable solutions, giving them hope and a future. The mission believes that the solution to enacting long-lasting positive change for these children in inner cities is through the exhilarating teachings of the word of God.


The InnerCity Mission for Children identifies orphaned and vulnerable children, their families and communities in need of service. The mission works to deliver sustainable interventions to these children, their families, communities and the institutions serving them. Initiatives sponsored by the mission work to foster change through supporting community institutions and promoting the awareness of the dire social consequences of society’s neglect.

The InnerCity Mission for Children operates four core programs: family strengthening, child health and nutrition, childcare and support and child development. Through its initiatives, the mission currently operates five fully functioning schools in Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda, serving over 1000 children. 


The mission also operates a campaign to help students who have dropped out return to school. The InnerCity Mission for Children supports a lunch program to ensure students’ nutritional needs are met so that they can focus on their studies. Additionally, it sponsors a Bible study program to ensure their spiritual needs are met.

The Humanitarian Volunteer Network of the InnerCity Mission for Children provides volunteers with mentorship and service opportunities, creating a community of support for children in the inner cities.

The InnerCity Mission for Children believes that if change is to be affected, it must first come from the inside. The word of God influences a positive change of mental attitude leading to change in physical circumstances. Through its work, the organization delivers the inspirational messages from God to motivate deprived, excluded and vulnerable children in the inner cities into a position that makes them drivers of their own change.

If these children are to achieve success and independence, it is the belief of the InnerCity Mission for Children that they must be active participants in changing their own circumstances. In order to do this, the mission provides them with the tools, resources and faith that they will need to secure their future.


The organization is proud to operate under the auspices of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International to help these children live prosperous, fulfilling lives in the service of the Lord. Through this rewarding partnership, both organizations aspire to give the life of every indigent child a meaning, give them hope and provide for them a prosperous future.