Isaiah Deng, 20 years old, South Sudan (Star Prize Winner 2018)

Flowing out of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), the Future Africa Leaders Award is an initiative which focuses on the greatest potential for leadership and growth in various regions of the continent. From a local focus to a global mission, COFI believes in investing in future leaders and world changers. COFI believes in celebrating the young people willing to make a change for their future, in hopes to encourage a generation to make this change for themselves as well.

The situations and conditions vary from one part of the continent to the next, but one thing is consistent throughout; the youth of Africa are ready for a change and they are believing for one. FALA recognizes young leaders in South Africa, Zambia, Angola, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Tanzania, Egypt, and even beyond.

The vision of FALA is to encourage game-changing youth to step out and take initiative for a brighter future. With great thanks to the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation, it is possible for the young people living in Africa to believe this could happen.

Whether through education, empowerment and mentorship programs, or meeting with other community leaders to discuss change, these future leaders are known for challenging their fellow peers and larger communities towards positive cultural change for everyone.

All year long, the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International organizes several events, conferences, and fairs for the young leaders. The Future Africa Leaders Award, also commonly referred to as FALA, is given to one young man or woman who has stood out and exemplified an identity of leadership above the rest.

In previous years, the annual FALA event has attracted many highly esteemed leaders in the LoveWorld community and Christ Embassy Ministries, as well as representatives of both federal and state authorities. According to the official report from last years FALA event, there were over 20,000 people present to take part in encouraging and commemorating the achievements of Africa’s finest young leaders. The event is televised every year and shown across 100 countries, as well.

The time is upon us for nominations to begin their process as the FALA committee grows closer to recognizing the leader who is best fitting to receive the main award. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation hopes to see many nominated as the quality of youth leadership grows stronger and more prevalent each year. The nominations are open until August 30th.

For more information about the upcoming Future Africa Leaders Award, how to nominate a young leader, or what the future holds for previous recipients please visit the FALA via COFI or visit their website here.


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