The event which in the past attracted everyone in the Ministry and also representatives of both federal and state authorities is taking place tomorrow. The New Years’ Eve Service with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA) Ceremony will be beamed live on over 500 terrestrial and cable television stations across 100 countries of the world. This year, 30 individuals from 15 African countries have been nominated for the highly-coveted global recognition awards, which will produce a Star Award Winner with a token of $25,000 as a show of encouragement and $10,000 each for other nominees from the founder and chief motivator of the Future Africa Leaders ‘Awards, Chris Oyakhilome.


In its seven-year history, these inspiring young leaders have been presented before a global audience of millions. This gives them further encouragement to achieve much more and it acts as an inspiration to take part. To date, their projects included targeting poverty, hunger, and education. Through fundraising and working with partnerships, many of these projects are sustainable. The community engagement and empowering seminar have a ripple effect and will bring about further changes in the continent of Africa.


When we read about the impact that the Future African Leaders Foundation has on the landscape of Africa we are held in awe of the testimonies. These brilliant and vibrant young people have achieved so much in their young lives and are heartwarming to hear how they continue to develop. Mentoring and training are key to their success.


These prize winners do not see their prize as a culmination of their achievements, but they herald a new era in their leadership. The impact of their endeavors is felt in their communities. They all recall one point. They all thank Chris Oyakhilome for his vision that culminated in the formation of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI). This foundation has the future of Africa’s development at its heart. The future is in the leaders and their ability to effect change. They are being mentored, advised, and guided by members of FALF.



2019 Star Prize Winner Babiene Heline Eweni


The accomplishments of the FALA Star Prize winner of 2019 were truly outstanding. Babiene Heline Eweni from Cameroon is a tenacious and hardworking winner. She is a young activist who is passionate about ensuring that other youngsters fulfill their potentials. Among other things, she hosted a 6-week  skill acquisition workshop under the “Leadership Initiative Award”, which empowered hundreds of young people. She was involved in programs designed to equip disabled youngsters with self-reliant programs that enabled them independence, and organized free medical check-up campaigns impacting hundreds of people. Hearing about the multiple projects she has pioneered there is imperative to support the work of FALF. Young people are full of good ideas and they should be able to actualize them.



The Impact of FALA Winners Continues


Star Prize 2017 winner Naomi Ekpoki Aliyu said she was moved to a whole new level when she won the award three years ago. Not only was she recognized but the continent of Africa got recognition too. She now runs a nonprofit organization called Senema Love Foundation. They are investing in the education of the younger generation, with a special focus on reaching children in greatest need.


Evelyn Appiah, a winner from Ghana described that feeling of being honored for her work as awesome. She went on to say that it was not enough what she was doing so she inspired a team to take part in the Growth Initiative Awards (GIA). She explained that this is a platform for other young people who are making amazing impacts in their communities.


How to Participate


Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate and honor young African leaders and their inspiring work impacting and helping communities in over 20 countries. The Future Africa Leaders’ Awards will be live-streamed on December 31st at 9 PM (GMT +1) with the participation of COFI’s founder, Chris Oyakhilome, and all the 30 African nominees.