What is an act of love? One way to show love to our fellow humans is to take on his burdens and help him through those tough times. You may have to look and listen to these problems and in recall Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way,  you will fulfill the law of Christ.”


Of the many needs in the world, the lack of adequate health care and awareness leads to sickness and premature death. In Tanzania 2018 FALA Winner, Yusuph Gesase organized a mass Sickle cell screening program. The program so far has screened 7,000 people in many public facilities. His ‘Sickle Cell Foundation’ has united many stakeholders in Tanzania. Yusuph’s vision is to see a free Sickle cell generation with the aim of screening 20,000 people from January to March 2020.


The issue of access to clean water is a problem for millions of people daily so LIA Influencer and 2019 FALA nominee, Opoku Jephthah Sarfo and his team saw it as a top priority to bridge the gap in the community of Adukrom in the Ashanti region of Ghana by constructing a newly mechanical borehole. The borehole operates to serve about 30,000 people in the community with a reliable source. Jephthah is working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6(clean water and sanitation) by ensuring the community has access to clean water.


Individual acts of love


The testimony of a widow called Agnes shows how much an act of love means. When Humanitarian Volunteer Network(HNV) volunteer Edgar Mwila  took part in acts of love campaign in his community he said.” I identified and visited Agnes, a vulnerable widow at Chawama Kuku community Zambia and donated groceries, clothes, shoes and toiletries to her. Agnes reported not to have had a proper meal in two months. This act of love brought joy to her and in tears, she narrated how she wasn’t looking forward to eating today. She also thanked the HVN Network for reaching out to the needy”. Just like Edgar, you too can make a difference today.


Effecting change with love


The need for a good hygiene routine was leaned by all


Education and influencing positive change are acts of love. Upson Amos Uche, also a volunteer with the HVN, began a health club at Unique Susan School, Zaria. Inspired by the acts of love campaign, he emphasized the importance of handwashing and personal hygiene.


The   Maiduguri Chapter of the HNV took the handwashing awareness campaign to Destiny International Academy Maiduguri as part of their acts of love campaign. The importance of personal hygiene was emphasized, and handwashing equipment was donated to the school. Some 400 students at the Nursery, Primary, Secondary, and Adult Education scheme benefited from the event as they assembled to learn how to wash their hands in order to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.


Every child deserves an education


Superstar and HNV volunteer Sam Jamz took part in the acts of love campaign by donating books to help indigent children cultivate a reading culture in school by donating storybooks to Ogudu Nursery and Primary School. 500 pupils will benefit from this benevolent act as these books will be used during literacy lessons in the classroom. He also donated books to the Anglican Nursery and Primary School. This gift will keep on giving.


Happy pupils with their new books


Inspired by the need to make a difference in her community, HVN volunteer Lutega Rebecca carried out acts of love. She went to a child learning center in Buoba Community, Uganda and distributed learning materials to these underprivileged children. She also educated the pupils about personal hygiene and gifted the girl’s sanitary towels.


A celebration of receiving


In celebration of her birthday today, Sis Tolulope and her husband Deacon Bamidele Onalaja, of Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5 in partnership with staff members of Revolution Plus Property donated food to the Inner City Mission Foodbank that will benefit needy children, families, and orphanages. That was an act of love from the heart we thank Revolution Plus Property, for the act of love and sustained corporate partnership with the InnerCity Mission.


To find out how you can be part of the HNV kindly click on the link here.