The president of LoveWorld Inc, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome DSc DD has coined the famous saying “Nigeria will only be built by Nigerians”.  Now let’s move to the bigger issue- Africa will be built by Africans. Pastor Chris’s family are proud Africans who have done much to build foundations for the future of this great continent.


In a post-colonial African era, there has been much dependence on other countries.  Pastor Chris formed this NGO to encourage indigenous Africans to pursue their own economic and political advancement. Rather than work on self-initiated actions from African citizens and states, in the past, there has been too much reliance on outside influences.


Why Africa For Africa?


With the belief that Africa is has a highly motivated and intelligent youth population, Africa For Africa is ready to soar. With almost half a billion people aged between 15 and 35 years, the continent is ready to utilize its youth. However, this young populace has to be trained for future greatness. They must be encouraged to engage in meaningful dialogue to maximize potential. Now there is an opportunity for true transformation and sustainable development, which all come to fruition through engagement.


They are partners in sustainable development projects bearing witness to the socio-economic and socio-political challenges in Africa. It can only be resolved by young, pioneering and native Africans. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome ‘s family is extending across the continent.


What are the projects that will lead to sustainable solutions?



The VISA Project (Voter Information and Sensitization Agenda)


This is an enterprise for the mobilization of young Africans towards active involvement and participation in all aspects of the electoral process in African nations. From voting to campaigning they will raise awareness of the importance of suffrage.


Africa For Africa School of Government


This program will get under-graduates ready for participation in governance. The aim is to consciously raise a new generation of politically positive youth to run the African nations. A4AYouths assembled at the University of Jos, Nigeria for a meeting on ‘Environmental Pollution and Climate Change.’  The group came up with resolutions to enable effective awareness of the issues. There were creative plans for education in these matters and waste recycling which will maximize local resources.


Africa 4 Africa youths take the initiative on climate change in Nigeria


Youth Technology Summits


There will be annual summits for the training and education of the African Youth to become key players in the global revolution and plan a new course for technology and innovations in Africa.


The Africa Development Dialogue (A.D.D) at Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma was a time of great motivation. ’ Hon Emmanuel Usoh, Former Commissioner for Wealth Creation & Employment, Edo State, Nigeria,  delivered a Key Note Lecture on ’The New Scramble for Africa: Why and How Africa must win in the age of globalization and the relevance of youth innovation and enterprise’. The session gave insight into how to influence and create platforms for economic development across Africa.


Lively debates at the Ambrose Ali University


Concerts to motivate


The name “ADRENALINE” gives us a clue that these concerts will be high energy. After the buzz  they will create there will be a call-to-action for young people to rise to the challenge.


The Dialogue


In holding special and constructive debate competitions to address the issues pertinent to Africa Pastor Chris encourages innovation. Competitors research topics in-depth and present the most awesome ideas. The most outstanding presenters will be awarded special prizes.


Africa For AfricaYouth Forum


Working together as a family with collective efforts and teamwork is one of the best ways of achieving our goals. Africa for Africa Youth Forum (A4A) provides a unique platform for sharing ideas to produce working solutions for tackling Africa’s challenges.  Members come from young people in colleges across Africa. They will be the Game changers in Pastor Chris’s family of movers and shakers.


Business savvy A4AYouths assembled at the Chinhoyi University of Technology, Zimbabwe for a meet-up on Business Development and Entrepreneurship. With the high youth unemployment rate in Zimbabwe at 90%, thoughts turned to the development of planned programs to stimulate the spread of young entrepreneurs which will reduce the number of unemployed.


The Zimbabwean youths leading the way in business and entrepreneurship


A4A Youth Resource Center Grand Opening. This initiative is committed to the development of the African continent by maximizing its greatest resource – youth. The Highly Esteemed Pastor Amaechi Udeaku, the patron of the A4A Youth Initiative expressed his gratitude to the Executive Director, for the visionary work put into the establishment of the resource center. ’It’s a center of excellence! From top to bottom’. He announced that Africa would replicate the kind of change that the man of God has brought with the Christ Embassy Church throughout the world.


Opening the Africa 4 Africa resource center- the first of many.


 Startup and innovations camp


This is an annual contest that supports the funding of bright ideas and innovations developed by young Africans. with the aim of solving problems, and contributing positively to the development of African Economies.


A4AYouths convened at Jomo Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya to discuss strengthening youth entrepreneurship and scalability for start-ups in Africa. This directly addresses  SDG eight from the UN. They talked about promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth which will lead to full and productive employment. The team proffered a solution that’ll support the accessibility of relevant information and opportunities for young entrepreneurs across Africa. Again, maximizing Africa’s resources.


In discussion in Kenya


African strength, power, and vitality have been activated. In gathering the youth and empowering them there are great futures in store for these emerging leaders. They are nurtured to take on these roles with wisdom and compassion and brought into a true African family -the family of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.


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