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Victims receive Bibles to find comfort in the Word of the Lord

Infrastructure is Collapsing in Lagos Island


It has been an impactful year for the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International, to say the least. The foundation and its partners (Inner City Mission for Children, Humanitarian Volunteer Network, Trauma Care International Foundation, and Bible for All Mission) continuously provide the very most humanitarian aid to those who have the very least to live with. It is the initiative of the foundation to reach each need of these victims while being there to respond to the call immediately whenever disaster strikes. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International strives to provide medical, welfare, and spiritual support to all affected and suffering from tragedy and misfortune.


The city of Ita Faji in Lagos Island, Nigeria is still suffering from the wake and continued aftermath of the tragedy that took place in the region just one month ago. It was reported in the morning of March 13th that the very building that hosts the Ohen Nursery and Primary School had collapsed. The Island has not only been left to mourn the lives of the 20 people that were trapped in its destruction but now faces a new reality known as the Internally Displaced Persons. The residents who once lived with minimal resources now have even less and hardly a future of hope to hold onto.


Our Partners Taking Part


In an extensive investigation with Saturday INDEPENDENT, Victor Onosebe, head of programmes for InnerCity Mission for Children, was interviewed by reporters about the organization and its focused attention on children. An NGO does not always have the means to have such a specific focus at such an impactful level. However, under the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation, this support is made possible. Onosebe stated “We equip children, mothers with tools to come out of poverty. When our organization heard of the collapse, we knew people would be displaced, so we came and partnered with other organizations to help bring relief to the victims.”


He went on to give a further report of what’s taking place on the ground. “Most of the people who live in the already collapsed building have no place to go. The Community Centre has been converted to a shelter where they can stay temporarily. Right now, about 30 people are living there made up of six households and individuals. The number was not this high initially. I heard that a few days ago, they were about 16, but as people were discharged from the hospital and had nowhere to go, they come to the shelter and that is why they are 30 now.”


Chris Oyakhilome Foundation Volunteers
Volunteers from the InnerCity Mission for Children distribute supplies

The InnerCity Mission for Children provided beds, blankets, toiletries, shoes and more. Over the month, The InnerCity Mission managed to organize a mobile food kitchen to feed the victims while they were still being resettled. It was all made possible, purely by the help of God and the support of our donors.


This is only one part within the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation, while other groups were working tirelessly in other capacities. The Trauma Care International Foundation prepared voluntary blood donors in all local areas for those in need. Another partner of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International, Bible for All Mission, was on the ground and bringing great comfort to the victims through prayer and the sharing of God’s Word.


It Takes A Village


In addition to the countless efforts of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation, state Government authorities, community Security officials, State Emergency Management Agency and many concerned neighbors helped in rescuing children and teachers trapped under the destruction. This tragedy has shaken the Logos Island to such desperation, but it is at this time they will find their source of hope. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International exists to meet people in the midst of their desperation and destitute, to provide top aid, and to bring hope. Through the strength of God and the many donors, volunteers, and partners, COFI is equipped and fashioned to provide the physical and spiritual needs of these victims. It is only by faith in a greater hope that this Hope Mission has been the answer to so many prayers and has offered such support during this tragic time on the Lagos Island and surrounding areas.


Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International
Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International