This year, on December 31st, Future Africa Leaders (FALF) and  Chris Oyakhilome, founder of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), will recognize young Africans who have significantly and positively impacted their communities.

The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), was founded to bring hope to the forgotten people of the world. Through COFI, Chris Oyakhilome has realized his vision and dream for aspiring young African leaders that are changing the future of Africa.

COFI’s Legacy

COFI is committed to eradicating hunger and ensuring access to education, medical care, and health services. In Africa and other vulnerable places of the world, these principles are the foundation for empowering a community through accountable leadership and sustainable development goals (SDG).

Every year, Chris Oyakhilome hosts the Future Africa Leaders Award ceremony (FALA) to recognize young Africans who have positively impacted their communities. Under the auspices of COFI, the Future Africa Leaders Foundation (FALF)  has identified various areas in need of development and investment. The award ceremony is held each year on December 31st, marking the ninth edition of this event.

FALF explores and expands leadership potentials in and for Africa. Through education, youth empowerment, mentoring, and other projects that prepare young people for a positive future, this project identifies, celebrates, and supports young Africans who have demonstrated exemplary leadership by positively impacting their generation. Through this glorious foundation, Pastor Chris provides miracles that change the lives of many young aspiring African leaders.

In Africa and for Africa

Chris Oyakhilome awards over $100,000 to African youth each year at the FALA Awards. These nominees will be selected based on their efforts to improve the well-being of their communities. They will receive a $10,000 cash prize, and the winner of the Star Prize will receive $25,000 to boost their inventions.

The nominees for this year’s FALA Awards were announced on December 18th, and they are:

  1. Abdul-Rahman Zaki Elhalafawy – 18 years old, Egypt
  2. Bridget Kalilombe – 23 years old, Zambia
  3. Matilda Kahunde – 22 years old, Uganda
  4. Victor Eyo – 19 years old, Nigeria
  5. Caryn Khan – 24 years old, Tanzania
  6. Amanda Nomnqa – 25 years old, South Africa
  7. Joe King Splendour – 16 years old, Nigeria
  8. Elizabeth Aguil – 20 years old, South Sudan
  9. Chidzungu Azaria Tendayi – 20 years old, Malawi
  10. Lyna Bossa Tchedre – 22 years old, Togo
  11. Zoe Makata – 23 years old, Malawi
  12. Nju Dima Ako – 23 years old, Cameroon
  13. Zulu Princess Mayamiko – 20 years old, Zambia
  14. Regina Kunmi-Mensah – 22 years old, Ghana
  15. Portia Manyaya – 20 years old, Ghana
  16. Felix Fomengia – 23 years old, Cameroon
  17. Geoliver Ngampaka – 24 years old, Congo Dr
  18. Amoussou Philppe – 23 years old, Togo
  19. Emmanuel Macharia – 20 years old, Kenya
  20. Emmanuella Koka – 24 years old, Nigeria
  21. Precious Susan Talker – 23 years old, Sierra Leone
  22. Diallo Racidatou – 23 years old, Guinea
  23. Salima Emery – 20 years old, Togo
  24. Marvel Mthembu – 24 years old, South Africa
  25. Bakaki Yusuf – 23 years old, Uganda
  26. Lekwuwa Grace – 21 years old, Benin Republic
  27. Hidaya Tlemcani – 19 years old, Morocco
  28. Lebsey Lebaga – 22 years old, Cameroon
  29. Katleho Mojakisane – 20 years old, Lesotho
  30. Gracious Mazivanhanga – 24 years old, Zimbabwe

At this year’s ceremony, we are excited to see what this year’s aspiring African leaders have in store for the betterment of humanity. Join Chris Oyakhilome live on December 31st, 10 (GMT+1).