There was an amazing buzz in the air during the grand opening of the Trauma Care International Foundation medical center in Adamawa State, Northern Nigeria. TCIF has commissioned a fully equipped health care center for the use of the local community. This fantastic facility is a step in the right direction towards achieving universal health coverage.


Partners at the TCFI Medical Center Opening Ceremony

There was a grand tour of the 11-room medical center coordinated by the Senior Executive Officer of the TCIF, Pastor Jumoke Akisanya. The delegation included the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Deacon Kingsley Otuaro, Zonal Pastor; Christ Embassy Midwest Zone Pastor Mary Owase, the Deputy Speaker of Adamawa State House of Assembly, the Director of the Innercity Missions for Children, Pastor Omoh Alabi, Zonal Pastor CE NNEVZ1 Pastor Emmanuel Abbah, Esteemed Pastor Marcel Obode and other honored dignitaries.


Delivering medical services to all


This medical center will manage and administer the health care needs of the thousands of families who reside in this rural community in North-Eastern Nigeria. This will offer immunizations and treatment of childhood diseases. They will manage the care for pregnant women in the region. The medical care professionals will operate emergency services for the local area.

People from across the region will be able to access tips on health care. Education and outreach are key components in improving the health of the indigent population. Having an active medical center gives the community a focal point from which they can access services.

Now more people will benefit from high-quality medical care. There are consultants and specialists able to diagnose ailments and prescribe medicine to the many men, women, and children of the region.



A message of gratitude for the medical staff at the new TCIF Medical Centre

The professional medical staff delivered their services with warmth and dedication. There was an outpouring of gratitude to the staff who ministered care.


People came out in droves to access the services available. With such expert medical care available there will hopefully be a reduction in the rates of early childhood diseases. With improved maternal care now readily available there should be an enhancement in the standard of living of some of the most vulnerable members of the community. It will transform and save the lives of those living in rural communities.


Meeting sustainable healthcare goals


TCIF is a leading light in the international community and recently attended a high-level meeting at the UN on universal health coverage. The NGO has consultative status and is committed to providing health care for all. This facility is one of the sustainable development features in an ongoing program of community progress. Working in partnership with multiple agencies is key to the successful implementation of sustainable healthcare policy. The mission statement of TCIF is.


“To improve the health status and life expectancy of individuals by promoting improvements in facility-based trauma care, providing support for national policies on trauma care and increasing local awareness on proper emergency response.”


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TCIF is grateful to the President, Revd Chris Oyakhilome, the Executive Director and CEO of Loveworld Inc; Pastor Dr. Deola Phillips and all of the outstanding partners for their commitment to working with TCIF to make every life count.


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