The LoveWorld Awards at the International Pastors and Partners Conference recognizes the hard work of the many people involved in Christ EmbassyChris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) has achieved so much this year and these awards are some of the most heartfelt of the conference.


This year’s InnerCity Mission exhibition will be filled with exciting moments, there are several items planned to give the partners an opportunity to explore New Frontiers for Good, and to see the impact of their partnership during this ‘Year of Perfection’. The IPPC 2020 will start on Monday the 16th to Sunday 22nd of November 2020.


IPPC 2019


Last year, the most prestigious awards given at the IPPC 2019 Conference were for humanitarian work. This continues to be the focus of COFI and InnerCity Mission as they aim to achieve Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2 and 4.


The humanitarian work of COFI penetrates deep into some of the most poverty-stricken areas in the world. With its mission to help the most vulnerable lead positive and purposeful lives being actualized the LoveWorld Awards at the IPPC is the perfect platform to recognize the astounding achievements of the people who toil tirelessly to bring Chris Oyakhilome’s vision to fruition.


In 2019, the InnerCity Mission set out to feed and educate indigent children. This could not have been possible without the huge fundraising drives in the different zones of the Christ Embassy. There were Loveworld Awards given to the top partners or CE Ministry Centres and Zones.


Without the drive and passion of all of the zonal areas, there would be a lot fewer children in school. One of the aims of the InnerCity Mission was to send children ‘Back to School’. This 2019 campaign saw thousands of children given the right equipment to attend school. The burden of school fees was lifted from their parent’s shoulders and hope restored and faith increased. You see ‘every child is your child’ and the InnerCity Mission is working towards the goals of the United Nations for a sustainable future. The kit contained a new school uniform and books and school equipment. Providing a basic education in rural areas is a necessity. This is a sustainable way to help these families out of poverty.


The InnerCity Mission also works tirelessly to eradicate hunger.  Basic nutrition is vital. The work of the Inner-city Mission is ongoing, and COFI’s work is far-reaching.  It’s Medical Missions save lives by improving access to medical care in these poor communities. The work of the Trauma Care Foundation International (TCIF) has been recognized on a global stage. It provides sustainable health care in communities where there are hardly any facilities. In providing health care education as well as much needed equipment the TCIF and associated LoveWorld Medical Missions are transforming and saving lives. They also empower the residents of these areas to be active partners in improving medical care in their locality. The goals of COFI can only be brought to fruition by the countless volunteers who give their time and love to these projects.




Africa’s Iron Lady


The former President of Liberia joined Chris Oyakhilome on stage to announce the Star Prize winner at the Future African Leaders Award (FALA) ceremony last year. Known as “Africa’s Iron Lady,” Nobel Laureate Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was Africa’s first democratically elected leader. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her “non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work.” Her words of hope and encouragement were greatly received and widely anticipated as she is one of the most inspiring African leaders of recent times. She has worked tirelessly for the future success of Liberia and other African countries. She steered Liberia through reconciliation and recovery following the civil war. She guided her nation through the Ebola Crisis and worked with international partnerships to bring Liberia to the international economic stage.


At the Future African Leaders Award  (FALA) Nominations Show, the global audience heard thirty reports about the activities of 2019 nominees. Each one was an account of the exceptional and inspired leadership of a leader who is active now. The Future African Leaders Foundation (FALF) has given them a platform where they can bring to fruition their vision for their community. As a member organization of the Chris Oyahkhilome Foundation International (COFI), FALF promotes these young leaders who are aged 16-23. They have identified an issue in their locality and found a solution thus displaying exemplary leadership. The nominees come from over 20 different African countries so the impact they are having is reaching all over the continent. Not only do these nominees display exemplary leadership skills they invest in others. These leaders work towards multiple sustainable development goals as defined by the United Nations.


It is a great visionary who is capable of empowering others for greater success. Many of the nominee’s spearheaded skills training initiatives giving hope for a brighter future for many indigent people. All these projects needed funding and these leaders utilized everything they had to create funds so their work could continue and expand. In line with sustainable goal 17, their work was successfully expanded by the investment from partner organizations. Governmental organizations have been influenced by the work of these future leaders, where their leadership has been exceptional.


2019 Star Prize winner Babiene Heline Eweni with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Pastor Chris


Thanks to the vision of the founder Chris Oyakhilome FALF is responsible “to raise financial, political, technological, intellectual and economic giants who are driven by the challenges in Africa to proffer sustainable solutions.” During the 2019 nominations show it was revealed that this vision exceeded expectations and the future of Africa is looking brighter than ever.


We look forward to hearing about the nominees for this year, which in itself has had enormous challenges to overcome. May God Bless and thank each and every one of them for their positive contribution to the world.


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