World Children’s Day was celebrated on the 20th of November. The theme of International children’s day is equality and inclusion for every child.

“Every child is your child”, was a profound statement made by our founder Chris Oyakhilome in 2004. This statement birthed the InnerCity Mission for Children (ICM), under the auspices of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI).

“Remember, every child is your child! Help children, don’t ignore children. They are our extension; they are our future. No matter how dirty or untouchable they are, think again. You were just that small one day, but you were fortunate to have someone help you. Many of these are fortunate to have us if we would only open our hearts, our minds, and our eyes and ignore them no more. We need to help give them a home, we need to help educate them, we need to help clothe them. As small as they are, as needy as they are, as frustrated as they are, they have dreams. We can help make those dreams come true!”

Celebrate Children’s Rights

International Children’s Day offers us an opportunity to promote and celebrate children’s rights that will build a better world for them.

The Mission statement on the website for the InnerCity Mission states:

”To create an environment where every child survives lives above poverty and becomes an active participant in socio-economic development irrespective of race, color, or gender. Through our Education, Food, Livelihood, Healthcare, Advocacy, Shelter, and Humanitarian Aid programs, we strive to ensure indigent children and poor families succeed in life by providing them with Christ-centered care and sustained solutions to issues caused by poverty.”

“We envision a world, free of poverty, where every child has equal opportunities to thrive and fulfill their God-given potential.”

At the InnerCity Mission, we believe that education is also a fundamental right for every child, yet, there are several factors, among them poverty and violence, limiting millions of children and young people in continents and regions around the world from getting an education.

Poverty and education are inextricably linked, because people living in poverty may stop going to school so they can work, which leaves them without literacy and numeracy skills they need to further their careers. Those living below the poverty line will also be more likely to keep their children out of school, which means that their children will also have a greater chance of living in poverty.

Like a tree, poverty has many roots. But among the many causes of global poverty, one factor stands out: education. Not every person without an education is living in extreme poverty. But most of those living in extreme poverty do lack a basic education. Education is often referred to as the great equalizer: It can open the door to jobs, resources, and skills that a family needs to not just survive but thrive. Access to high-quality primary education and supporting child well-being is a globally recognized solution to the cycle of poverty.

The InnerCity Mission (ICM) strives to make an impact on the lives of those who the world forgets. Working in partnership with local organizations in both the public and private sectors COFI works to eradicate poverty. The many different NGOs that make up COFI not only work to counter the effects of poverty but to build a sustainable future. One of the biggest contributors to ending poverty is ensuring children have an education. For any child, education can open doors to the future that would otherwise be locked tight.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s scientists, politicians, doctors, and teachers. Today’s children will inherit all of what humanity has managed to accomplish, both the good and the bad. It is the children of today that will be charged with protecting the weak and vulnerable of this world, and making even the hardest of decisions in order to do so.

This special day is dedicated to all of the children, so that they may enjoy these carefree years while they last and be ready for the responsibilities that await them