Pastor Omoh Alabi, Director of the InnerCity Mission for Children (ICM) made a statement on the first day of the recently concluded ‘Colouring Dreams Conference’ about the founder of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI), under which the InnerCity Mission operates, Chris Oyakhilome.

“Our dear Man of God has said, Every Child is your Child! Help children, don’t ignore children. They are our extension; they are our future, as small as they are, as needy as they are, they have dreams. We can help make those dreams come true!”

We had an unforgettable, impactful time at the just concluded first edition of the #ColouringDreamsConference. We thank our founding father, Chris Oyakhilome for trusting us with this great vision to reach the indigent numbered in the 7 billion mandate with the Gospel. We also thank our esteemed panelists and partners from around the world who were very pivotal to making this conference a huge success and to everyone who helped in one way or the other.

“Many children around the world have dreams but what will happen to them if we don’t do anything about it,” said Pastor Henry Akasili, Director of the Loveworld Campus Ministry.

There were many significant messages and highlights that came out of the 2-day conference

On the first day, at the panel discussion, our panelists talked about the Gospel Outreach to the inner-cities (GO2Inc) Initiative as a strategic tool to reach the 3.4 billion people living in rural areas, villages, slums, and inner-cities numbered in the 7 billion mandate.

“Through the Colouring Dreams Conference, we would receive direction and inspiration for action on how to make the dreams of the indigent come true. More importantly, we will hear strategies on how to preserve the lives of over 3.4 billion people living in villages, slums, and inner-cities numbered in the 7 billion mandate for the coming of our Lord Jesus.” – Pastor Omoh Alabi (Director, the InnerCity Mission for Children)

Rev. Tom Amenkhienan (Chairman, the InnerCity Mission for Children) was quoted as saying:

“During this conference as you watch the transformation stories and the impact the InnerCity Mission is making around the world you will be moved to tears. But much more than that, let your tears move you to action.”

Deaconess Vanessa Nosegbe, the Program Coordinator of the InnerCity Mission Education Program highlighted the obstacles that stand in the way of education, like the cost of a school uniform which can cause an indigent child to drop out of school.

While the Zonal Pastor of Christ Embassy Mid-West, Pastor Mary Owase said:

“When you train a child to be acquainted with the Holy Spirit, you have given that child much more than education.”

Day 2 continued with inspiring strategies

On the second day of the conference Pastor TT Temisan, Zonal Director, Christ Embassy Ministry Center said: “I encourage everyone to sponsor a meal with just $2. If you can’t get $2 you have friends who can and, in a day, you can give $20.” Pastor Emeka Eze, Zonal Pastor, Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 2, agreed by adding: “The same way Poverty is man-made, prosperity can be man-made and with the InnerCity Mission, we are creating prosperity.”

Esteemed Pastor Emeka Eze expressed words of exhortation by saying: “There is a difference between pity and compassion. In pity, you can shake your head, hiss, and sigh but compassion produces miracles.”

The prestigious participants in the first panel discussion on the InnerCity Mission Global Food Program consisted of the Esteemed Member of the Central Executive Council and Zonal Director of Christ Embassy Ministry Center, Abeokuta, Esteemed Pastor TT Temisan, the Loveworld Campus Ministry Director, Esteemed Pastor Henry Akasili, the Director of the InnerCity Mission, Esteemed Pastor Omoh Alabi and the Esteemed Deacon Mike Egboh

During this discussion, Deacon Mike Egboh participated in the strategies by saying:

“If you look at the InnerCity Mission, what we do is holistic. Education is part of it, and reaching their family is part of it. What we do is sustainable.”

“Children around the world have dreams but what will happen to them if we don’t do anything about it,” asked Pastor Henry Akasili, Loveworld Campus Ministry Director.

“Hunger is a real problem even though solvable but yet we have seen in recent times that men of wicked agenda are using food to persecute this war and exert control on people,” added Pastor Omoh Alabi, Director of the InnerCity Mission for Children.

Pastor Tayo Ojo, Zonal Pastor, Christ Embassy UK Region 2, Zone 1, speaking on the second panel discussion with our location studio in the UK observed that:

“What you think is little may color the dream of a child. Your participation in the InnerCity Mission with your partnership can change a lot of lives.”

The highlights of Day 2’s third Panel Discussion on the InnerCity Mission Global Missions Initiative included input from Pastor Wueseter Tor, Pastor, Christ Embassy Taraba, who said:

“The InnerCity Mission strategies are spiritual strategies that work especially in hostile areas where they don’t welcome the gospel with ease.”

Speaking on the same panel discussion, Deaconess Titi Oluremekun, Coordinator, InnerCity Mission Global Missions Coordinating Center, commented:

“The InnerCity Mission is in 89 countries of the world and by the end of 2022 we will be in 100 countries.”

On the second day, speaking from the fourth Panel Discussion from our studio location in Geneva, Switzerland, Pastor Adewale Nwankpele, Zonal Pastor, Christ Embassy Western Europe Zone 3, added to the discussion:

“It is difficult to reach out to people when their needs are not met. But through the strategies of the InnerCity Mission, our projects have been able to birth cell groups targeting mostly the children.”

Overall we are thrilled at the success of our 2-day maiden conference which we are confident will make huge strides in making a difference in the lives of indigent children throughout the world.