There are many projects aimed at building the developing world in line with global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) is the umbrella organization with some influential NGO’s in its network. The LoveWorld Exhibition, which ran alongside the conference at the International Pastors’ and Partner Conference (IPPC) 2020 highlighted the work of the Trauma Care Foundation International (TCFI) and Medical Missions and Services.


The IPPC is the highlight of the year from Chris Oyakhilome and a blessing from Christ Embassy and its partners, without which nothing is possible. The Loveworld Medical Missions and Services; through the work of its 2 registered non-governmental organizations; the Trauma Care International Foundation and the Volunteer Medical Corps; is preserving lives and promoting health and wellbeing; first among the Loveworld Nation, and also within the communities. Both NGOs are member agencies of the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International and we have impacted the lives of millions around the world through our various medical and humanitarian projects.



The Trauma Care International Foundation


The Trauma Care International Foundation (TCIF) is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council ( UNECOSOC) focused on improving trauma care and emergency response services in her member nations through safety and health education training sessions, advocacy campaigns, and community-based programs including voluntary blood donation drives, in line with Sustainable Development Goals 3, 4 and 17. Trauma has become a global public health problem. It is the 9th leading cause of death globally with over 3,200 deaths recorded daily. Research has shown that the outcomes of accidents and emergencies are better when there is a skilled first responder at the site of the incident. Appropriate pre-hospital care provided by trained bystanders and the early arrival of emergency medical personnel helps to improve the outcomes of traumatic injuries significantly.



The Volunteer Medical Corps


The Volunteer Medical Corps (VMC) is a global Christian network of medics, paramedics, health care professionals, humanitarian volunteers, and students who are committed to providing medical care, relief assistance, and sustainable health care solutions in regions of crisis and to communities in dire need. The Esteemed Members of the Central Executive Council of Loveworld Nation visited the Loveworld Medical Centre stand where they were treated to an exhibition of ongoing projects. The Loveworld Medical Missions and Services IPPC 2020 Awards acknowledged the efforts and hard work of the outstanding individual partnering churches for the year 2020 in all the global and outreach programs.



InnerCity Mission


The InnerCity Mission exhibition welcomed all partners to explore the ‘New Frontiers for Good’ exhibit, where the children were live and eager to explain more about the ‘Send Potions’ campaign for Christmas.




The celebration of support and partnership continued with the LoveWorld Awards ceremony where the top partnering Churches, Groups, Zones, and Ministry centers were recognized and acknowledged for their services. Awards were presented by the Healing School, BLW Campus Ministry, The Haven, InnerCity Mission, Loveworld New Media, and Internet Multi Media Departments. A huge amount of gratitude and appreciation goes out to all partners for their undaunting humanitarian acts and extraordinary, selfless commitment to the advancement of communities both locally and globally this year.