The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International is at work again, on the most recent mission to South Sudan. The refugee crisis in South Sudan has escalated immensely since a civil war broke out in the year 2013 between the differing stances of governmental forces. This has contributed to an increase in violence and conflict, as well as a depletion in healthcare services and proper education for children.


There are several refugee camps located throughout the country that are doing the very most they can in such dire circumstances. However, there is only so much these camps have access to when they are pulling from the same resources that are supporting the entire country. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation works on location with various services and resources that no other refugee camp has the capacity to supply or offer to the overwhelming number of refugees in need.


As part of COFI’s initiative to provide support and aid to areas of need within the continent, the foundation has chosen three main focuses for the mission to South Sudan. The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International has created a conclusive support system that includes healthcare services, youth leadership development and engagement, family strengthening and livelihood and early childhood education and development. Each level of the societal ecosystem plays a vital role in the culture, identity, and life cycle of a nation. As COFI gives more attention to early childhood education and development, the families become stronger and more centralized. As there is more strength within the family unit, health concerns are more quickly identified and dealt with.


Volunteers meeting at the location to distribute supplies


The COFI delegation incorporated all member agencies, in order to provide the maximum support for South Sudan – The InnerCity Mission for Children, Volunteer Medical Corps, Bible for all Missions, and the Humanitarian Volunteer Network. The hope for this mission is to bring God’s Word and hope to the displaced people in Sudan. As the COFI truck arrived at the location of the camp, every one helped to unload various supplies such as food, education materials, medical assistance, clean water and hygiene kits and more. The supplies were prepared in Uganda and then transferred to the scene for volunteers to distribute to those affected by the crisis.


As various diseases and illnesses often break out in catastrophic situations, free medical supplies were given, as well as screenings and treatments made available to countless underprivileged people who would never otherwise have this access. COFI does not just address the issues on the surface but actually works together with the community in making long term improvements. During this specific mission to South Sudan, COFI volunteers organized an emergency response training for the South Sudanese Traffic Police. They were also greatly ministered to and received their own copies of the Rhapsody of Realities study bible.



The Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International is humbled by the opportunity to support and bring aid to the refugees and all who are suffering from this crisis. In addition to all of this, the COFI team paid a diplomatic visit to the Vice President of South Sudan, Dr. James Wani Igga and The Nigerian Ambassador to South Sudan respectively. This is the favor of the Lord working in this mission and on behalf of all recipients. The community and leaders of South Sudan and the Mangaten Camp are extremely grateful for the overwhelming love and care they have been shown by COFI, which is made possible by the Man of God Pastor Chris.



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