The LoveWorld Awards at the International Pastors and Partners Conference recognizes the hard work of the many people involved in Christ Embassy. Chris Oyakhilome Foundation International (COFI) has achieved so much this year and these awards are some of the most heartfelt of the conference.


Helping those who need it the most


The humanitarian work of COFI penetrates deep into some of the most poverty-stricken areas in the world. With its mission to help the most vulnerable lead positive and purposeful lives being actualized the LoveWorld Awards at the IPPC is the perfect platform to recognize the astounding achievements of the people who toil tirelessly to bring Chris Oyakhilome’s vision to fruition.

Inner City Mission For Children has an exhibition at the IPPC 2019

The InnerCityMission has set out the feed and educate indigent children. This could not be possible without the huge fundraising drives in the different zones of the Christ Embassy. There were  Loveworld Awards given to the top partners or CE Ministry Centres and Zones.  CE Abuja Ministry Center and CE Warri Ministry Center were jointly awarded the first place prize at this year’s ceremony.


Education is a right


Without the drive and passion of all of the zonal areas, there would be a lot fewer children in school. One of the aims of the Inner City Mission is to send children ‘Back to School’. This campaign has seen thousands of children given the right equipment to attend school. The burden of school fees has been lifted from their parent’s shoulders and hope is restored and faith increased. You see ‘every child is your child’ and the Iner City Mission is working towards the goals of the United Nations for a sustainable future.

There was another ‘Back to School’ distribution in Calabar. There was a ‘Back to School’ kit distribution for 250 indigent children in the IDP Camp in Akpabuyo Community, Cross River State. These are children that have been affected by the Bakassi- Nigeria land dispute. The smiles on the faces of the children were an award in themselves.  The kit contains a new school uniform and books and school equipment. These are the tools of success in education. Providing a basic education in rural areas is a necessity. This is a sustainable way to help these families out of poverty.


Scenes from the food drive in CE Port Harcourt Zone 2

Basic nutrition is also important. The InnerCity Mission also is working to eradicate hunger.  CE Port Harcourt Zone 2 organized a mega food drive and food distribution to orphanages, elderly persons home, and hundreds of needy families in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.


Campaign to end hunger


There is also good news from South Africa where 250 indigent children were fed and over 200 families in Klipgat were given food parcels to take home. The  InnerCity Mission partners in CE South Africa Zone 2 organized a feeding outreach to tackle hunger in the community of Klipgat. The work of the Inner-city Misson is ongoing and the thanks from the children and families are heartfelt.

COFI’s work is far-reaching. It’s Medical Missions save lives by improving access to medical care in these poor communities. The work of the Trauma Care Foundation International (TCIF)has been recognized on a global stage. It is working towards the goal of ‘Universal Health Care For All’.

It provides sustainable health care in communities where there are hardly any facilities. In providing health care education as well as much needed equipment the TCIF and associated LoveWorld Medical Missions are transforming and saving lives. They are also empowering the residents of these areas to be active partners in improving medical care in their locality.

At the LoveWorld Awards, the top partner award in the  Global Hospital Campaign And Medical Missions category went to  Christ Embassy Uganda. Special congratulations to Pastor Louis Osademe and the esteemed pastors and partners of Christ Embassy Uganda were given.

The goals of COFI can only be brought into fruition by the countless volunteers who give their time and love to these projects. To help further their cause please click on the link to donate to the InnerCity Mission.  Click on the link to donate to the Medical Mission.